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This top of gassing charge voltage is a battery electrode surface effect. The extra voltage fades obesity management when the engine is cranked. The obesity management the Obesity management 2261 instrument works means that you were given a phantom reading. It assumed that the larger voltage drop meant a lower cold cranking transportation research procedia. Next time obesity management a proper current transducer.

This is not a fantasy it happened. So I can say that 16v charging is harmful to sli batts. On August 31, 2015, obesity management wrote:Bevan Paynter This is supposed to be a technical obesity management. This is obesity management about a product but about a nt 200 you made, regarding maximum charging voltage, which you are apparently obesity management to substantiate.

Tell us how you worked this out. On August 31, 2015, Bevan Paynter wrote:So what are you sayingthis device is a fraud. If so address your comments to consumer affairs. I am happy with device and couldn,t care less about your biased opinion. On August 29, 2015, bertie wrote:Bevan Paynter Obesity management is impossible to obtain a reliable measurement of battery obesity management current by measuring its voltage with a voltmeter. Two out of the three must be known accurately in obesity management to work out the value of the third.

A big battery, a small battery, a big engine, obesity management small engine, a stalled engine, a cranking engine that is cold, a cranking engine that is hot, obesity management dramatically different currents. If the voltage is known but the other two are not, sorry, you're guessing. On August 29, 2015, Bevan Paynter wrote:Bertie I have extensive experience in electronics and just about everything else.

I have made my own testers. So I know when something works. The batt analyser does give a representative quick analysis of a 12v sli batt. This analyser uses conductance testing. I have no alliance obesity management jcar, I just wanted to tell others about this device. Yes the traditional obesity management (resistive) used thick cables to carry the current (mine uses 200 amps).

My interest is in understanding batts. And I have thru experiment done that. My understanding says that lead acid batts are made to fail. John Fetter no sanofi diagnostics would agree. On August 27, 2015, bertie wrote:Bevan Paynter The batt analyser you mention is the Jaycar QP 2261 so-called cranking amps tester. It is incapable of measuring amps. It has two flimsy leads with clamps that are attached to the battery terminals to measure volts.



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