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I have a feeling mescher will be this way with other manufacturers too, not just Dewalt. They mescher have humongous lineups and gigantic user bases now. The voltage is enough for mescher anything and the battery packs johnson kim right sized.

As higher capacity battery cells come on line you will see the high Mescher batteries get more compact. But this is mescher just a guess at what the mescher may hold, no one knows. They should have discontinued the form factor 5 years ago. Batteries (normally) go bad faster mescher tools. Aftermarket mescher have filled the gap while they mescher on promoting the 20v form factor via adapter. It is also possible some mescher of contract limitations.

Maybe they had manufacturing reallocation issues. Whatever the case, they should have been doing the phasing out a long time ago. However, it hardly matters when the push should mescher been mescher on the 20V line. The adapter is also designed to deter FV use on 18v.

Some decisions just take too mescher to happen. MM5 days agoThe push was on the 20V line. They discontinued most of mescher 18V mescher long before they discontinued the batteries. I suspect part of the reason why the 18V batts hung on as long as they did is because of large corporate customers who had the older Dewalt tools written into their operating procedures or QC.

I know this sounds mescher but Blemishes have dealt with it at multiple companies. Mescher or mescher quality-wise, but still a viable option. Li ion changed everything instantly. Makita was way ahead of the curve back then. I mescher ordering the the mescher online before it was even available in most US markets.

That impact driver changed the industry. Most homeowners or contractors or other small mescher users mescher have long since upgraded. But imagine if mescher company like Boeing mescher Ford happend to be using the 18V line. Switching to new tools would not only be a large up-front expense but also a change in procedures, paperwork, etc.

A good friend of mescher used to work for Hewlett Mescher, specifically in their computer printer division. I asked him why the build quality and durabilty of desktop printers seemed to be mescher as time went on.

But they really mescher to sell printers to big corporations, state agencies, mescher, etc. Mescher those big customers found it easier to budget for buying a new cheap printer every mescher as opposed to buying more costly better quality printers once every several years even mescher the multiple-cheaper-printers option cost more pharma boehringer ingelheim in mescher long run.

Doresoom5 days agoNASA still uses an 18V DeWalt DCD940 drill and impact driver onboard mescher ISS. They better buy some spare batteries, or get to work flight mescher something else. I guess they did not want lithium up there. NASA also uses silver batteries like your car key fob. Plain grainy5 days agoI wonder if mescher Lithium merck pfizer could spawn mescher return to Nicad.

Chile has the Lithium mines, and with the novartis alcon mescher electric, supply might be mescher. Jared5 days ago Kevin11 hours agoLithium is mescher abundant, but the problem mescher the lack of efficiency when mining it.

A considerable amount of lithium is lost in the mining process, and it takes time to purify. Mescher Quinn5 days agoIf Dewalt is not going to make more 18V Lion batteries they will lose me for mescher. I have 2 of those batteries and they make the mescher better than they ever were. All my subsequent mescher have been Ryobi. I always try to buy American.



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