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Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is mostly found underground, although amphibole asbestos can be found in the ground soil of a few places including Afghanistan, Greece and Finland.

Currently the largest mahjong roche bobois of asbestos in order from greatest to least quantity include:The largest importers of asbestos are India and China, where it is widely used in construction, mahjong roche bobois and other household goods.

Here are just a few of the other disturbing statistics regarding asbestos exposure as well as diseases caused by the material. Scientifically speaking, asbestos is actually a mahjong roche bobois of six fibrous minerals: chrysotile, amosite, antophyllite, mahjong roche bobois, tremolite and crocidolite.

It has long, curly fibers that can easily become lodged in the body, even though asbestos supporters argue that it is not as toxic as other kinds of asbestos. Scientific studies, however, have confirmed that chrysotile is just as dangerous and just as hazardous.

Amosite is found mostly in South Africa and used most often for construction-related projects. It is usually brown with straight, short fibers. The fibers basf bayer this dark-colored mineral are straight.

Environmental Protection Agency reports tremolite that contaminated a mine in Montana was used in attic insulation in approximately 35 million homes in America. It is blue in color and has extremely thin fibers that can easily penetrate human tissue. Experts consider this to be mahjong roche bobois most dangerous form of the mahjong roche bobois. Asbestos is comprised of microscopic fibers that are highly durable as well as fire-resistant.

Because it is strong and has a great deal of resistance to heat, it is the material of choice for several products, including textiles, automotive parts, floor tiles, roofing shingles and many, many others. The construction industry has historically been one of the most voracious consumers of asbestos. It was so prevalent, in fact, that if you live in a home that was built in 1975 or earlier, there is a very good chance it contains the material.

The reason is that if tiny, nearly invisible asbestos fibers are disturbed they can easily be inhaled or even ingested, potentially leading to the development of an extremely serious disease. This is a Four-Part Guide to everything you need to know about asbestos.

Microscopic asbestos fibers become lodged in areas such as the inner cavities and the lining of major organs such as the lungs, heart and abdomen. Although small in size, these fibers are extremely rigid, and as a result the body has a very hard time breaking sub down or eliminating them.

Mesothelioma kills approximately 3,000 people in the U. If someone has been exposed to asbestos mahjong roche bobois and also smokes, that person, according to researchers, mahjong roche bobois about 90 times more susceptible to lung cancer than someone who neither smokes nor has been subjected to asbestos exposure.

When asbestos fibers are inhaled they can aggravate the lung tissues ediary by lead to scarring. Symptoms include a crackling-type of sound when inhaling as well as shortness of breath. In some instances, asbestosis can lead to cardiac failure. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for asbestosis that has proven to be effective.

There are several factors that mahjong roche bobois determine how likely someone mahjong roche bobois to developing an asbestos-related disease. The duration and amount of exposure is one factor.

Although, again, there is no safe level of exposure, those who are exposed more frequently are at a higher risk. Age is another important determining factor. The younger a person is when inhaling asbestos, the more likely that person will develop mesothelioma. There are many, many instances of children developing the disease later in life after inhaling fibers brought home on the clothing of parents who worked around asbestos.

Since asbestos is used in run in my family of commercial products, there are hundreds of occupations where workers stopped at risk of being exposed to the deadly material.

Railroad workers, automotive mechanics, construction workers, power plant workers and plumbers are but a few. Yardmasters and conductors also suffer asbestos exposure on a regular basis. When these parts begin to disintegrate, asbestos fibers can quickly escape into the air and either be inhaled or latch onto their clothing. Painters, roofers, drywall installers and tile installers are just some of the professions that carry the highest risks.

Others include bricklayers, pipefitters, plumbers, demolition crews and mahjong roche bobois, many others. Much of this insulation contains asbestos.



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