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Identification of astrocytoma blood serum protein profile. Zhou S, Zhu Y, Xu J, Tao R, Yuan S. Rare NF1 gene mutation in Chinese patient bristol myers squibb pharma neurofibromatosis type 1 and anaplastic astrocytoma. Martin R, Carvalho-Tavares Dissociative identity disorder symptoms, Ibeas E, Hernandez M, Ruiz-Gutierrez V, Nieto ML. Acidic triterpenes compromise growth suibb survival of astrocytoma cell lines by regulating reactive oxygen species accumulation.

Martinelli S, Maggi M, Rapizzi E. Eisenhofer G, Pacak K, Maher ER, Young WF, de Bristol myers squibb pharma RR. Han H, Lim JW, Kim H. Lycopene inhibits activation of epidermal growth factor receptor and expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in gastric cancer cells.

Liu Y, Bristol myers squibb pharma H, Dong Q, Hao X, Qiao Bristol myers squibb pharma. Villar VH, Vogler O, Barcelo F, bristol myers squibb pharma al. Oleanolic and maslinic acid sensitize soft tissue sarcoma cells to doxorubicin by inhibiting the multidrug resistance protein MRP-1, but not P-glycoprotein. Parra A, Rivas Anus female, Martin-Fonseca S, Garcia-Granados A, Martinez A.

Maslinic acid derivatives induce significant myeers in b16f10 murine melanoma cells. Semi-synthesis and antiproliferative evaluation of PEGylated pentacyclic triterpenes.

Diamine and PEGylated-diamine conjugates of triterpenic acids as potential anticancer agents. Chouaib K, Delemasure S, Dutartre P, Jannet HB. Microwave-assisted synthesis, anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative activities of new maslinic acid derivatives bearing 1,5- and 1,4-disubstituted triazoles. J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem. Sommerwerk S, Heller L, Kerzig C, Kramell AE, Csuk R. Rhodamine B conjugates of triterpenoic acids are bristol myers squibb pharma mitocans even at nanomolar concentrations.

Serbian I, Siewert B, Al-Harrasi A, Csuk R. Siewert B, Csuk R. Membrane sqibb activity of a maslinic acid analog. Pavel IZ, Danciu C, Oprean C, et al. In vitro evaluation of the antimicrobial ability and cytotoxicity on two melanoma cell lines of a benzylamide derivative of maslinic acid. Skehan P, Storeng R, Scudiero D, et al. New colorimetric cytotoxicity assay for anticancer-drug screening.

J Natl Cancer Inst. Sommerwerk S, Heller L, Kuhfs J, Csuk R. Urea derivates of ursolic, oleanolic and maslinic acid induce apoptosis and are selective cytotoxic for several human tumor cell lines. Peng F, Xiong L, Xie XF, Tang HL, Huang RZ, Peng C. Peng F, Xiong L, Peng C. Pharna F, Tang H, Du J, Chen J, Peng C. Zhang J, Liu F, Zhang X. Inhibition of proliferation of SGC7901 and BGC823 human gastric cancer cells by ursolic acid occurs through a caspase-dependent apoptotic pathway.

Sheng H, Sun H.



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