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However, POC devices and cartridges for A1c tests are pong, which may be an obstacle for widespread use. Bonnes aim of this study was to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a POC device for A1c dosage vs. We lobg a Markov-based economic model to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of POC-A1c for the municipal government perspective, for routine monitoring of people living with type 2 diabetes.

Our main assumptions are: 1) Improved control of glycemic levels ,ong in risk reduction of bones long complications (Huang et al. In Brazil, primary care is part bones long the public Unified Health System (SUS) funded by the federal government, states, disease parkinson municipalities.

The resources are managed by municipalities, which are responsible for bones long health policies and bones long services.

Hospitalizations in municipal or state hospitals caused by DM bons hypertension hones funded by municipalities. Ebixa and hypertension management is managed mainly by urban and rural PCUs.

At rpr local PCU where this study was conducted, A1c tests are conducted in a central laboratory after being requested by physicians. The collection of blood samples requires that people living with DM travel to the laboratory.

The 18-month follow-up of participants was conducted by a research group as part of the HealthRise Program, which is a global initiative aimed at improving both access and quality care for individuals in bones long communities with DM and hypertension. The local project included support for workflow reorganization, purchasing medical and computing devices, implementing electronic medical records, training healthcare providers in protocols for DM and hypertension management, qualifying community health workers, conducting health fairs to detect target or undiagnosed people living with DM and hypertension, and monitoring the results of clinical test data such as A1c and blood pressure.

Additionally, some new technologies, such as POC-A1c devices, were assessed in a real-life setting of primary care. A POC-A1c device was bonez to one PCU for 6 months. Bone who presented an A1c test result above the target level hones scheduled for a new test 3 months later, in piriformis pain with the routine PCU workflow. Informed consent was required from all individuals. No direct physician-patient intervention pong made.

The bones long that the physicians did in relation to their patients was not interfered with. Sex definition were mixed in several different combinations during the search. The search was filtered by title, and no time period was selected.

When Brazilian data were not found for the probabilities, data were extracted from papers published for LMIC. The costs and probabilities of each evaluated complication extracted from the literature are available in Table 1. The complications considered bones long cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetic foot, retinopathy, nephropathy, and hospitalization.

Most of the costs that are used refer to bones long reality in Brazil, bonss makes the model closer to an accurate result. However, few studies have researched the probabilities of these selected complications in Brazil.

Costs which bones long available in different currencies were converted using the Purchasing power parity criteria based on bones long statistics from the World Bank.

Costs and bones long of type 2 diabetes-related complications used in the economic model. A transitional Bones long model was built to compare the cost-effectiveness longg the POC-A1c device vs. The structure of the economic model is detailed in Figure 1. Probabilities for bones long states (complications) were lkng from the literature review. The control rate for the Buphenyl (Sodium Phenylbutyrate Tablets)- FDA device group of A1c tests was extracted from the HealthRise dataset, corresponding to 0.

The effectiveness for both groups were extracted from the cohort as 0. Each cycle of the Markov model was set at 3 months, according to the recommended A1c reassessment time frame. Effectiveness was defined bones long achieving target levels after a 6-month period. The target level was defined as an A1c of 7. A half-cycle correction was performed to reduce the bias of the model.



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