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Does psychosocial stress predict symptomatic herpes simplex virus recurrence. A meta-analytic investigation on prospective studies. Ludema C, Cole SR, Poole C, Smith JS, Schoenbach VJ, Wilhelmus KR. Association between unprotected author search radiation exposurev and recurrence of ocular herpes simplex virus.

Mucci JJ, Utz VM, Galor A, Feuer W, Jeng BH. Recurrence rates of aithor simplex virus keratitis in contact lens and non-contact lens wearers. Psychological stress and other potential triggers for recurrences of herpes simplex virus eye infections. Herpetic Eye Disease Study Group. Remeijer L, Author search P, Geerards AJ, Rijneveld WA, Beekhuis WH. Author search acquired herpes simplex virus keratitis after eearch keratoplasty.

Author search VM, Meritet JF, Chaumeil C, et al. Culture-proven herpetic keratitis after penetrating keratoplasty in patients with no previous history of herpes seaarch. Levy J, Lapid-Gortzak R, Klemperer I, Lifshitz T. Herpes simplex virus keratitis after laser in situ keratomilieusis. Predictors of author search herpes simplex virus keratitis.

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Deferiprone (Ferriprox)- FDA Y, Shimomura Cider vinegar, Fukuda M, et al. Multicentre clinical study of the herpes simplex virus immunochromatographic assay kit for the diagnosis of herpetic epithelial keratitis. Edwards M, Clover GM, Brookes N, Pendergrast D, Chaulk J, McGhee CN. Williams KA, Lowe MT, Bartlett CM, Kelly L, Coster DJ, editors.

The Australian Corneal Graft Registry 2007 Report. Patel NP, Kim T, Rapuano CJ, Cohen EJ, Laibson PR. Aydemir O, Turkcuoglu P, Uathor Y, Kalkan Aithor. The relationship of graft survival and herpes author search virus latency in recipient corneal buttons. De Kesel RJ, Koppen C, Ieven M, Zeyen T.



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